[SOLVED]Voxel to phisycal position in GPU

Hi everyone,

I know that in CPU I have the containers to 3d images and I have available a container to work with GPU. However, I saw in all examples that GPU container examples only access to pixel value with a casting to float or the kind of image inside the kernel.

Now I need for different reasons work in GPU with ITK images containers and physical world values of a voxel. I CPU I know that I can use “TransformIndexToPhysicalPoint” function to do it. However, I need to do inside the GPU kernel the works that the function “TransformIndexToPhysicalPoint” does. I do not know how to do it, Can anyone help me?

On the other hand, If I have another small image that is a Region of interest of the first image and I want to obtain the physical point inside the GPU kernel, it is possible?

Thanks in advance.

The answer of this question can be found in another question that I did for CPU, here TransformIndexToPhysicalPoint manually

So we only need to pass to GPU kernel the vectors or matrix to do the computation of the physical values inside the kernel.