SimpleITK installation in anaconda environment 2

Hi all,

I am trying to install SimpleITK in the following environment:

  1. Virtual Environment: Conda (Anaconda3, pyton3)
    2.check the binary installation in the anaconda and it seems all well!
  2. I tried to write a simple pyton program in jupyter notebook. this is the test program provided by SimpleITK Site!
    in the first sample python program:
    utilities are not compiling which means the installation of utilities is missing, the functions which don’t work are as follows:
    downloaddata(fetch_data, fetch_data_all) are imported
    update_path_to_download_script(this is executed using magic command in jupyter, %run’).
    I am referring to this page of SimpleITK: ((

have I missed something in installation of the package, I checked it using ‘conda list’ and SimpleITK is there in anaconda virtual environment!
Any help is appreciated!

Sohrab azami

This was already answered here.

Please don’t post the same question multiple times.

sure! sorry about that won’t happen again


No worries. Happy to hear you resolved all the settings issues.

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