New implementation of functor filter in OTB !!!!

Hi all,

I am working on a new functor filter implementation in OTB, and feedbacks suggest that this is something that could be interesting for ITK. Basically you can use it very simply with any functor with operator() or lambda that has any number of arguments. It will deduce all the types at compile time (supporting scalar pixels, VariableLengthVector, Neighborhoods …) !!!

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Is it designed to replace Unary, Binary and Ternary functor/generator filters? How does it compare to them, e.g. to UnaryGenerator?

This thread appears related:

Perhaps this is continuing the effort?

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This is just an example of a bot that copies other people’s posts to earn higher discourse privileges. Something we’ve seen on the Slicer forum as well.

The account did the similar thing Searching mailing list archives !!! as a copy of Searching mailing list archives.

Admins will want to clean this up probably.


Thanks James! I deactivated, suspended and silenced the user. I didn’t want to delete, in order to keep the reference.

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