ITK not working in Python

Hi. As a new user of the Python interface of ITK, I would say that you may want to try GNU/Linux on a virtual machine just to test if your code is correct. You can also try a live medium (live USB or live DVD). In my short experience, I have learnt that a GNU/Linux machine or working environment is much better if I am doing any sort of development. Another recommendation is to ask your software provider if they can help you. Good luck.

I would recommend to keep using the operating system that you are the most comfortable with. Everything should work on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Is there a way to just read the input image without specifying the image type in advance? (normally you don’t know the image type until you read the file)

read the input image without specifying the image type

Yes. The basic example demonstrates that:

image = itk.imread(input_filename)
median = itk.median_image_filter(image, radius=2)
itk.imwrite(median, output_filename)

This should work all image types ITK was built with wrapping support for. For example both 2D uchar images and 3D short images.

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