Compiling ~MinimalPathExtraction~ with ITK 5.2.1

There is:


but there is also (after CMake configures the building environment)


If I delete the first of these, my compilation seems to run well (I stopped past the point where I would always get the error message)

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@matt.mccormick - the file MinimalPathExtractionExport.h was added to TubeTK/include directory by you with the commit message:

COMP: Add MinimalPathExtractionExport.h stub for Python package builds
This file is not available in the current Python packaging setup, so provide a safe stub and
definition for MinimalPathExtraction_EXPORT when ITK is build with static libraries.


Is this file still needed? See this discourse chain. I have not encountered any problems, but @edgar is using a tool the specifies several custom build options, so…any ideas?